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Preventive Maintenance

Central to any Operations organization is quality and reliability. Accutemp has developed a Preventive Maintenance Program that meets the needs of your reliability and regulatory requirements. Unlike other service companies who often provide cursory PM services in an attempt to sell other services, Accutemps Preventive Maintenance Program represents the gold standard. PM tasks are specific and in-depth, providing the greatest possible reliability at an affordable price and helping you meet your equipment expectations. Quarterly, Semi-annual, Annual options are available.

Commercial Refrigeration

We service Walk-in Freezers, Walk-In Coolers, Ice machines, Standalone reach-in units, gas stations, and grocery stores. We have an emergency on-call technician available 24/7. Call us today to schedule service.

Scientific Refrigeration

Accutemp Specializes in Scientific refrigeration and equipment such as Laboratory Freezers, refrigerators, and other equipment controlled in a narrow range (e.g., 2-8° C). From a benchtop -80° C freezer to a warehouse cold room (2-8° C). Generally, not humidity-controlled.

Environmental test chambers: We ensure chambers are controlled to a precise set point over a wide range (hot and cold, humid and dry). These systems often can adjust the temperature and humidity in the space at high rates of change for thermal cycling. Contact us today to schedule service.


Accutemp prides itself in having a well-developed calibration program using precision equipment such as Fluke 726 Process Calibrator. All instruments and standards are NIST traceable and calibrated by the factory at a maximum of 12-month intervals. Our calibration standards include temperature, humidity, and pressure. Accutemp also offers Calibration services for Sherlock refrigerant leak detector IR sensors on site.


Technology moves fast. So does Accutemp. As control systems and equipment become obsolete or unsupportable, there is a choice to be made: Do you retire the asset or renew it? In many cases, it makes sense to breathe new life into old equipment. Do you have an older Freezer or environmental chamber that needs a mechanical overhaul? Accutemp can renew this equipment to provide years of reliable service with more efficient components. Other retrofit activities involve government regulations such as retrofitting to a non-CFC refrigerant. Accutemp can also assist in energy efficiency projects. Ask us about green ideas such as cold room evaporator management and variable speed motor control for refrigeration condensing units.