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Factory certified service for Industry-leading manufacturers of Walk-in Freezers/Coolers, Ice machines, Blast chillers, Hot-side equipment, Scientific Ref, Ultra Low Temp Freezers, Calibrations, Incubators, Environmental Chambers. 24/7 SERVICE.

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AccuTemp Refrigeration

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Accutemp Refrigeration LLC is Veteran-owned and operated with over 20 years of industry-leading experience. At Accutemp we take pride in our service. Our goal is to provide expedient and efficient service. Our technicians are factory trained and licensed. We are a premier provider of commercial refrigeration, ice machines, scientific refrigeration, and equipment throughout the greater Houston area. Whether you need pm services or a complete overhaul we’ve got you covered.

AccuTemp Refrigeration

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Central to any Operations organization is quality and reliability. Accutemp has developed a Preventive Maintenance Program that meets the needs of your reliability and regulatory requirements. Unlike other service companies who often provide cursory PM services in an attempt to sell other services, Accutemps Preventive Maintenance Program represents the gold standard. PM tasks are specific and in-depth, providing the greatest possible reliability at an affordable price and helping you meet your equipment expectations. Quarterly, Semi-annual, Annual options are available.

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AccuTemp Refrigeration

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